Tokyo Robotics realizes a more efficient society by creating new robotic applications

In recent years, robots have been widely applied in many fields. Factory automation already has a long history but automation is currently extending to warehouses, farms, offices, and even homes. Our mission is to accelerate this trend and realize an efficient society. Ultimately, we aim to create a society in which robots do boring and dangerous tasks while humans engage in work requiring their mind and heart.

We propose innovative robotic applications by both discovering and creating unknown market needs and technology seeds. Innovative ideas are born from the connection with people and society. Tokyo is among the best places in the world to create novel robotic applications because of its many potential customers, universities and institutes conducting cutting-edge research, and highly skilled small factories. For this reason, our company is based in Tokyo and is named Tokyo Robotics.


Products / Services

Torobo Arm

Our robotic Torobo Arm was developed to accelerate the robotics research of our clients. The arm has torque sensors equipped in all of its joints, is provided with source code (user interface and servo controller), and can connect with major kinematic simulators.

Precise Omni

Precise Omni is a unique omnidirectional mobile robot. It accurately moves in all directions at high-speed without slippage, guided by an original transmission mechanism consisting of omnidirectional gears and a geared floor.

Contract research

We provide a research service on a contract basis, especially with Torobo Arm. For example, we support a feasibility study of installing a force-controlled robot in a production line and gathering motion data for machine learning.


Demo at MATLAB EXPO 2016 Japan

You can see the kinematics simulator (prototype) of MATLAB Robotics System Toolbox in the last part of the video, which works with Torobo Arm.

Active compliance with Torobo Arm

Through its active compliance functionality, Torobo Arm achieves external force following, impedance control, and contact stop.

LED trailing with Precise Omni

Visualize the path of a LED array mounted on a Precise Omni. The video shows the accurate and omnidirectional position control of Precise Omni.

Multi-robot path planning

Using the A* algorithm, multiple robots simultaneously plan their paths in real-time, enabling motion planning of AGV.